GPI’s service capabilities bring sophisticated problem solving to a broad range of the most challenging industrial applications with Engineered Polymeric Solutions

Chesterton’s high performance “standard line” of wipers, rod seals, piston seals, bearing bands and rotary seals service a wide range of industrial applications. In addition our engineering expertise provides decades of experience in developing custom products for specific applications, designed to meet end-user price/performance requirements.

Engineering applications assistance, local sales and technical service, surveys and problem resolution, and most importantly speedy delivery

Solving your toughest sealing problems with standard or customized products while using a combination of unique high performance materials

Enable you to enjoy significant cost savings with increased performance and reliability






Chesterton’s 10K is a piston mounted U-Cup, for hydraulic applications. The 10K’s unique design allows for ease of installation, increased stability and excellent sealing characteristics.Super Monoseals provide an optimal amount of radial sealing load to provide sealing with minimal frictional resistance, resulting in equipment that runs smoothly and longer seal life.

  • Sizes up to 70 inches (1778 mm)  available through our fusion program.
Chesterton’s 5K Super Wiper* is an individually molded wiper for HYDRAULIC and PNEUMATIC applications. It prevents rod scoring and resulting premature equipment failure. The sharp, rugged, flared lip provides protection against abrasive particles by wiping the rod clean with each stroke.

  • Pointed lip design effectively cleans and dislodges foreign matter from retracting rod/ram to prevent scoring and system contamination.

*Also available in a spiral coil which makes it easy to cut to size by end user, thus enabling quick and easy replacement.

Chesterton’s 22K seals are rod mounted U-Cups, for Hydraulic applications. The unique design of these seals allows for ease of installation, increased stability and excellent sealing characteristics.
Chesterton’s 11K EZ Stack Pack is a patented design seal is a set of two (2) components designed for use in hydraulic applications to eliminate leakage and lower operating costs.The 11K is available as a set of two different material combinations: Red Polymer material (95A durometer) andBlue Polymer material (85A durometer)
Chesterton’s 30K seals provide excellent service in bearing and gear box applications using conventional oil lip seals. The 30K is available in three distinct PTFE materials developed specifically for sealing applications. The PTFE compounds coupled with the seal design provide excellent fluid compatibility and outstanding performance.Dynamic sealing lip is mechanically formed to provide optimal sealing force.Static o-ring seal prevents rotation and allows for easy installation and removal.

Outperforms conventional oil lip seals.

Custom fabricated to meet equipment dimensions. Other designs/profiles available

Chesterton,s 33K SPLIT design eliminates the need and associated costs for equipment disassembly while improving seal performance of conventional lip seals.The 33K can be used in many applications including bearing protection for pumps, gearboxes and rollers. Installation time can be reduced from hours to minutes because the split assembly is unitized installing quickly and easily.
Chesterton’s 7K SuperCup are piston cups for Hydraulic and Pneumatic* applications. Super Polymer 7K’s are supplied with a supporting metallic disc, molded into the base. The resulting rigid base provides a stable, non-distorting superior seal. Chesterton offers a Double Acting 7K  which performs best in compact design situations.
Chesterton’s 600 Parachute Packing is a V-ring set for Hydraulic applications. It provides an economical means of sealing older worn equipment. It is particularly adaptable to deep stuffing boxes and odd sized rams where equipment cannot be disassembled

  • Available split and solid.
  • Nesting V-ring design enables the gland force to transfer pressure so each ring loads evenly to increase sealing efficiency.
  • Available materials are Neoprene, which performs well in water and oil, and Butyl, developed to work with Phosphate Ester fluids.
Chesterton’s 18K Bearing Bands are the solution to costly cylinder machining and repairs. They extend cylinder life by preventing direct metal-to-metal contact of the moving parts. Risk of reoccuring damage is significantly reduced when installed during cylinder repair.Advantages when compared to conventional bearing materials:

  • Manufactured from glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic polyamide resin, heat stabilized nylon
  • Traps and Absorbs metal particles.
  • Same load carrying capacity yet less expensive, and easier to install than bronze.
  • Specifically designed for imperial sizes






Since incorrect installation is the number one cause of shaft seal failure, we have included a clear, concise tutorial from R.L. Hudson & Company on proper installation. Click on the link below to view a PDF version of this document.

Shaft Seal Installation Guide