"The second dryer is now being manufactured and next week we will generate requisitions to purchase another seal for the new dryer which will be the same as before. By the way, that seal is working perfectly! "

- Carlos Mar, Cabot Corporation

Our History with Cabot

We have been selling high temperature aramid fabric dryer drum seals to Cabot plants for over 12 years now starting with the Cabot plant in Pampa, TX.  Since then, all of the seals we upgraded in all plant locations are still working and operational today, many many years later. Previous to introducing our own design of a new high temperature aramid based dryer drum seal to Cabot, the plant was having to replace dryer seals on a regular basis, thus creating lengthy down times - not to mention dramatically raising yearly operation costs. Our seal design is a higher priced design, but they pay for themselves many times over - reduced cleanup cost and product loss, less work orders being issued, increased safety, and reduced exposure to OSHA fines. We were glad to hear from Carlos at the Cabot plant in Mexico that the same seal Cabot is using in TX, and other states, is continuing its reputation. We always enjoy the feedback on how well our sealing solutions are working from our customers.