GPI Line Sheet

Mechanical Seals – single spring, cartridge, dual/tandem, split, non-contacting (gas), high pressure, mixer, flush meters, seal heat exchangers

Bearing protection – oil/grease seals, labyrinth, face seals, desiccant filters, expansion chambers

Hydraulic/Pneumatic – u-cups, v-rings, wipers, wear bands, o-rings, hi-temp, piston rings, kits

O-rings – Buna, neoprene, EPR, Viton®, silicone, PTFE, Kalrez®, Chemlast®, Chemraz®, Aflas®, PTFE encapsulated, quad rings, o-ring cord, round, square

Gaskets – rubber, fiber, graphite, metal, PTFE, spiral, piping, heat exchanger, high-temp, ring-joint, moldable polymer, silicone sponge, hand hole, man hole, all shapes, all styles

Packings – pump, valve, braided, die-formed, control valve, plunger pump, soot blower, cut-ring, live-loaded

Tool Sales and Rentals –hydraulic and pneumatic torque equipment , sockets, nut-splitters, flange spreaders, alignment, high-pressure packing extractors, slugging wrenches, packing tools, gasket cutters, knives

Pump & parts – complete units, sump pumps, pump bases, shafts, sleeves, impellers, casings, back covers, stuffing boxes, inserts, rubber liners, throat bushings, adapter rings, wear rings

Sealants – silicone, hi-temp, thread-lockers, thread paste, thread tape, cyanoacrylate adhesives, spray adhesives, pipe wrap repair, emergency epoxy repair putty

Lubricants – greases, oils, dry, synthetic, penetrants, anti-seizes, metal working, belt dressings, aerosol, bulk, dispensing systems, containers

Cleaners – citrus, contact, electronic, degreasers, brake, electric motor, descaler, chemical, water based, solvent based, alkali, acid, aerosol, bulk

Coatings – rust preventatives, PTFE, cold galvanizing, floor coatings, concrete protection and rebuilding, metal protection and rebuilding, corrosion, abrasion, erosion, quick patch, anti-slip, trowelable, brushable, sprayable, machinable

Expansion joints – metal, rubber, plastic, ducting, reducing, rubber elbows, sleeve-type, flexible pipe connectors, metal & braided hose

Textiles – fiberglass, silica and ceramic ropes and tubing, welding cloths, chute dumps, bags, pipe and pump insulation, fire retardant

Instrumentation – pressure gauges, temperature gauges, ball valves, needle valves, in-line check valves, butterfly valves, site glass (tube and flat)

Services – On site training, plant surveys, 24 hour emergency call out, consignment inventories, design recommendations, field installation instruction, failure analysis, troubleshooting