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Click on any of the schools below and you can download an example of some of the slides from our Gasket Installation School. The Power Point slides take approximately 1 to 2 minutes to down load depending on the speed of your connection.

Gasket Installation & torque Schools

Pump and Valve Packing Schools
Mechanical Seal Schools

Training or schools can be set up around your schedule with anywhere from 1 hour safety meeting type schools, to the all day hands on type schools with certificates of attendance for your records. This training can be invaluable to plant reliability and safety. Please contact one of your local fluid sealing specialist to discuss, or schedule training today.


Technical help on lowering emissions Now days tracking emmisions and EPA fines can be one of the biggest bottom line expenses a plant has. Let us help you stay in compliance with EPA regulations.


Technical help reducing OSHA risks

Helping you safely pick Fluid Sealing Products, and then making sure those products are installed right are where we really like to shine. We have 25 years of experience in refineries, chemical plants, power plants etc. making sure our customers are in compliance and keeping our friends in those plants safe.



Technical help on reducing downtime

Technical help on reducing work orders

Warehouse Surveys & Inventory Control
Valve, Pump, Equipment,  & Misc. Surveys

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ASK ABOUT OUR ONGOING TQM PROGRAM We believe it is not good enough to just replace a product that may have been shipped or made wrong, we give our employees incentives to not make mistakes. We also have a Total Quality Committeeand process in place to determine the cause, and then make any changes needed to prevent the same type mistake from happening over and over again. We have received vendor awards from our customers related to this TQM program.

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