This isn’t our first rodeo. Since 1982, we have walked alongside the areas largest refineries, leading them to become – Simply Leak Free.
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It is the goal of GPI to provide our customers with service and quality that exceeds both their expectations and requirements.
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We know how to take decisive, definitive action when emergencies arise. And we’re ready to put our knowledge to work at any hour – day or night - rain or shine.
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We are the Bolted Joint Assembly Experts.

GPI has been providing West Texas with the best sealing technology since 1982. If it leaks we are interested in finding a solution. Our Fluid Sealing Specialists are thoroughly trained in installation and application of our products to help the industry stay in compliance with ever changing emissions and safety laws.

Total Quality Maintenance

Checked. Checked. And checked again every time.

On-Site Training

Reducing downtime and becoming leak free.

Torc Logic Calibration

More than Calibration. Torque Tool Management.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Stress less about your inventory and focus on real issues.

Calibrated & Work Ready.

What Is Torc Logic?

Torc logic is our newest program that provides reliability and assurance that your torque equipment is always in optimal condition and ready for use, backed by our PJLA Accredited Mobile Calibration Lab to provide you with on-site calibration and service.  You can relax knowing that your tools will always be calibrated and work ready.  We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Yearly audits and training so we stay on top of all regulations and standards.

REDUCE downtime.
REDUCE overtime.
REDUCE contract labor.

Our Customers

We credit our continued growth to our philosophy of customer service and our dedication to helping our customers with reliability, keeping their plants running longer with reduces failure. These are a few we serve proudly!


Our Customer Service Promise 

GPI tries to maintain an internal competitive focus. We compete with ourselves, always trying to improve on our past performance. Because of this internal competitive focus, we’re neither limited by our competitors’ successes nor inhibited by their failures.

Our team understands that customers receive value not just from the company’s products, but from our people as well. We view ourselves as successful only when our customers are successful. Each team member is part of a team that contributes energy that adds to the momentum of our company. What we have been able to accomplish together as a team is far greater than the sum of each individual's part. GPI has everyone moving towards a common goal of serving the external customer.

We understand value is whatever the CUSTOMER says it is and CUSTOMERS determine value based on what they perceive. We understand it’s our CUSTOMER’S perception of value that will ultimately count. GPI knows that for every customer we fail to engage, embrace, or bring into the fold, there’s another organization out there that would love an opportunity to make them feel welcome and important.

GPI’s view of our service is interesting but irrelevant to serving our customers. We ultimately know its how you feel that really counts.  Sales calls can only draw you to our organization. It’s only our performance that will bring you back.

President of GPI